Oregrown Product Highlight By: Ashley Meza

Nectar carries a variety of different cartridges, from live resin to distillate and even anything in between. One unique cartridge that is carried at Nectar Markets is from Oregrown, which are the Caviar carts. According to their website, they officially coined this product in 2017! Caviar is a concentrate constancy that is an even blend of diamonds and sauce, whether they be from live material or freshly cured and dried. It is a product that can be found in the Oregrown products, both in dabs and cartridges.

The cartridges typically have a lower THC percentage than their other products, but a much higher percentage of terpenes. Terpenes are the reason behind a plant’s taste and smell and are the organic compound from the plant. They work with your body’s receptors and often determine the impact that the product consumed has on the person, whether it’s flower or concentrate. When you first hit a fresh Caviar cart, immediately you can taste and smell the difference between other carts because of that high terpene count.

There are hundreds of different terpenes and everyone reacts differently to different ones or has specific preferences; overall knowing which terpenes work best with your body’s receptors helps be more in control of the way you want to experience the high. It should be essential to dig into the cannabis world and the different factor that can determine what kind of high to experience. Terpenes are what drives that cannabis experience, and the Oregrown Caviar carts are a great way to test out which ones you like the most!

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