Nectar Stark Has The Happiest Customers In The World!

When you enter a query on Google for “Dispensary Near Me” you’re presented with a multitude of options.  But how do you know if it’s the right one? HappyOrNot, A Finland-based instant feedback company that makes terminals for measuring customer satisfaction, seeks to show consumers the best places to shop.  HappyOrNot analyzed 47 million data points in retailers across the world to find out who has the happiest customers, it was us! If you’re in the Montavilla neighborhood and looking for a dispensary near you, this is your shop!

Over the past 3 years, the Nectar dispensary on Stark St has ranked at 98% or above, while the retail average in America for 2021 was 90.2%. 

Funny enough, the Portland Business Journal included a quote from our Nectarine, Jessica D’Ornellas, which stated that the percentage of positive customer feedback may have been even higher, the only negative result from the last month occurred when the negative response was accidentally selected while cleaning the terminal! 

Thank you to HappyOrNot & Portland Business Journal for sharing this story of our success! 

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