Get Refined Taste with The Refinery's new Dabs By: Ashley Meza

By Ashley Meza

This past month, a new item hit our shelves with a familiar name. One of Nectar’s most reliable brands and one that many customers are loyal to are The Refinery cartridges, both the live resin and the blends. They, just like Nectar, have been partners with Higher Cultures for a while and have used this partnership to produce a new product, dabs!

Higher Cultures is a farm located in southern Oregon near the Rogue River. Their products are sun-grown and ‘Clean Green’ certified. “We are dedicated to ensuring the highest possible quality with a focus on taste and effects over potency,” states their website.

Now resting on the concentrate section across our stores are The Refinery live resin dabs. They come in multiple consistencies, from batter to sugar to sauce and diamonds. Creating the different consistencies of dabs is a fascinating process.

Sauce is made by separating THCa crystals from terpenes and other cannabinoids; those crystals are then combined with High Terpene Extract (HTE) with a 50:50 ratio to produce the most flavors.

Diamonds are created by crystallization and coated in HTE, which gives them their yellow glow

Sugar is processed similarly to diamond, but is soaked in aromatic compounds (terpenes) and high in THCa.

Batter is prepared by using freshly extracted Live Resin blending with terpenes and cannabinoids to make the “cake batter” consistency.

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